All you need to know about physiotherapy

Physiotherapy keeps and maintains body functions mostly after an injury to rehabilitate physical performance. It is mostly done by physiotherapists and is most useful after injuries, muscular problems, neck pain, spine problems, lung and heart disease, neurological disorders, post injury rehabilitation, urinary problems, and joint disorders.

Physiotherapy can be applied in these areas as a therapy for assisting with the basic treatment. It depends upon the sex of the patient, age, and physical condition and only a physiotherapist with the knowledge and enough experience of the area is allowed to perform it.

Many different types of therapies are there according to specialty. Some of them are orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, geriatric, pediatric, neurological and more. A good therapy maintains well-being, sustainable physical therapy and fitness that is continuous. It designs a proper therapy schedule to maintain a good physical mobility. It examines the patient to determine the prognosis and the type of therapy to apply.

The exercise is also used by chiropractors in Dubai, and normally done in hospitals or health clinics with the help and assistance of a physiotherapist. Research shows that a properly done therapy can fully recover a paralyzed patient.

There are different techniques used in the therapy like laser therapy, manual resistance training, infrared radiation and massage. Some of these can be carried out with the help of mechanical and electrical devices or manipulating physical media like heat, manual stimulation, ultra sound or even ice.

Other devices or equipment used by the physiotherapists include chairs, exercise balls, weights, TENS etc. Some traditional methods are also used in the therapy which includes swimming, large rubber balls, stair masters with rails etc. However, most people now opt for the McKenzie techniques that involve exercise and posture in an easier way without the use of machines or massage.

Most of the techniques used in the therapy are based on hands approach commonly known as manual therapy. The final part of the therapy involves rehabilitation, where patients who have suffered injuries related to sports, assault, or car accidents are treated through therapy.

Efficiently used techniques can heal the injuries faster but for most of the times healing or recuperation of the patient will totally depend on the patient’s state of mind. You can easily find numerous clinics for physiotherapy in Dubai when you have problems to do with the joints among other problems.

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