Study tips to score better in your exams

We have all been struggling all this while to somehow manage studies and fun – such a difficult task! But it doesn’t always have to be this difficult as we have got some really amazing and fun tips for studying that will help you ace the best British curriculum school in Dubai. Keep on reading to find yourself never struggling ever again!

  • Organize

Get out all your fancy supplies – pencils, stickers, bookmarks, markers and anything else which makes you feel good and motivated to study because turns out this motivation can also be great to help you stay organized and color coordination can also be very helpful. Organize your study space and then start studying because in a messy place, there is no way you can fit information in your head whilst your desk is such a mess. But don’t get distracted with the fancy stationery.

  • Consider help from flowcharts

Flowcharts and diagrams are basically a pictorial representation of what you are reading. Let’s be honest, we often get bored while sitting and reading pages and pages of theory and the worse part is that reading isn’t all, we have to study and keep it stored in our brains until we can vomit it all out on the paper. This is where flowcharts come into the picture and they help you understand what is actually happening.

  • Be your own professor

One great way to know and understand what you have just learnt is by explaining it to others. We suppose your friends might also be struggling with the same subject so if you explain your friends the topic you have been able to understand then it will clear your understanding. But if that is not an option, then you must turn into your own professor and re-teach yourself what you just learnt. Listen from a third person’s perspective and see if you actually understand what you are saying. Because after all, British school in Dubai fees is not a joke.

  • Feel safe to take a break

You don’t have to turn to a robot and continuously study for hours and hours because at the end of the day, you will end up forgetting everything altogether and your brain will be too exhausted to fill anything else in it. So do yourself a favor, and take frequent study breaks.

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