Car Detailing Services - Facts

Professional car detailing is an art and the profession of restoring and cleaning a car to like new condition. Services like car detailing in Dubai however, are more labor-intensive and exacting than obtaining a car wash in general. A typical car wash is generally an automated machine that a car passes over in order to clean the exterior. This method of detailing is quick but somewhat inefficient when it comes to restoring the internal components of a car. Car detailers apply what is known as micro-fiber cloths to these areas, which allows for the intricate detailing process without destroying the finish on the car’s surface.

These details can be anything from repainting a whole bumper to alloy wheel refurbishment. Most detailers use a combination of detailing chemicals and abrasive cleaners, along with a detailing brush, in order to provide the best possible detailing job on any vehicle. The detailing process itself is quite lengthy, involving numerous steps, such as: detailing the paint to remove blemishes and scratches, washing the vehicle off to remove dirt, grease, and mineral deposits, and then polishing the vehicle free of imperfections. Once all of the detailing has been completed, the car is prepared for paint spraying. All of the required painting chemicals as well as brushes required are available at the detailing shop.

A car wash detailer uses a power washer to wash the exterior of the car, and a pressure washer to remove dirt and other deposits from the cabin interior. It is a very involved process, which leaves cars with a worn-out finish. It is not uncommon for an entire panel of a car to have to be replaced simply because it was not cleaned properly during the original detailing process. In the case of a car wash detail, the washing and waxing process itself can cause damage to the paint of the vehicle. It is important that any car detailer be thoroughly trained in the proper procedures for washing and waxing vehicles.

In addition to washing and waxing, many car detailing services include the application of a sealer. This is a protective coating that is applied to the exterior of a car to prevent it from rusting or deteriorating. There are two types of car wash sealants on the market today, a water-based product or a wax-based product. Water-based sealants are recommended by experts and consumers alike, due to their ability to resist rust and keep the surface clean. While it may be slightly more expensive to apply a car wash sealant, it is significantly more cost effective than the replacement of an exterior paint job.

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